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BIOGRAPHY | Xavier-Adrien Laurent

Welcome on my website.

As an actor, I had many opportunities to explore different forms and universes (W. Shakespeare, V. Hugo, N. Machiavel, Marivaux, E. Whestphal, T. Bernhardt, A. Tchekhov, J. Tardieu, M. Pagnol…), street performances, stand-up comedy, television and cinema, voice-over... I also worked a lot as an author, director and cultural events conceptor.
Today, I am writing and playing several stand-up shows mixing literature, poetry, classic theatre and comedy. The first of this series is "Xavier-Adrien Laurent, artiste dramatique". In parallel, I have the desire to play more often for cinema, television and dubbing.
As a fluent english speaker, I am also highly interested by acting in foreign productions, on stage as well as for the screen(s).
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DEMO REEL 2018 (vimeo)

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